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December 2015 Event Materials

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We have collected and received permission to publish some of the materials from the December 2015 CyberMedRx Summit on Medical CyberSafety.


Other materials:

CyberMedRx Summit Drives Focus and Community Around Patient Safety and Healthcare Systems in Digital Age

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November 18 2015, Cambridge, MA— Modern healthcare increasingly leverages the best technology can offer, yet this adoption often brings new hostile and hazardous conditions as well as the threat of new accidents and adversaries, undermining patient care. Despite the risks, as these domains collide we can be safer, sooner… together. The CyberMedRx Medical CyberSafety Summit will address these opportunities and challenges when it convenes on Friday, December 4, from 8am-4pm at the Microsoft Technology Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The consequences of security failures in healthcare can negatively affect public safety and human life, degrade patient care and lead to a crisis of confidence in the healthcare system. Rising to these challenges can only be achieved through collaboration among key stakeholders and finding a common way forward. Seeking to drive progress toward a safer environment, CyberMedRx will foster a collaborative dialog that engages stakeholders from all sectors of the medical and healthcare ecosystem—including medical device manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, physicians, patients, government, academia, researchers, law and policy.

“On one hand, healthcare advances are accelerated by rapid adoption of connected technology. On the other, our dependence on connected technology is growing faster than our ability to secure it,” said Joshua Corman, Founder of I Am The Cavalry, an organizer of CyberMedRx. “We must ensure this dependence is worthy of the trust we place upon it. We can have both; we can be safer, sooner… together.”

“The healthcare cybersecurity ecosystem is large and complex, with many different players, big and small,” said Steve Christey Coley, Principal Information Security Engineer at The MITRE Corporation. “CyberMedRx will connect these different stakeholders to foster better communication and understanding between all parties, so that we can all improve healthcare cybersecurity in the most efficient, effective ways possible.”

Keynote and framing speakers at CyberMedRx include:

  • Joshua Corman, Founder, I Am The Cavalry;
  • Suzanne Schwartz, MD, MBA, Associate Director for Science and Strategic Partnerships, S. Food and Drug Administration;
  • Art Manion, ISO Project Editor, CERT/Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • Margie Zuk, Senior Principal Cyber Security Engineer, The MITRE Corporation; and,
  • Steve Christey Coley, Principal Information Security Engineer, Cyber Security Division, The MITRE Corporation.

Attendance at CyberMedRx is free, but limited to 150 participants on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early.

About CyberMedRx: CyberMedRx is a non-commercial summit organized by representatives spanning many stakeholder groups. The event is presented in cooperation with I Am The Cavalry, MITRE and ISC2 of Eastern Massachusetts. Follow @CyberMedRx on Twitter, visit the site at or email us at